info:gaming age's preview

Patrick Klepek

Date: 7/18/2001

Since the release of Phantasy Star Online, gamers have been searching for a new reason to punch the phone line into the Dreamcast and get their game on online with people across the world. Sega looks to change that with the August release of Propeller Arena: Aviation Battle Championship. Most of the time, air battles take place in missile and machine gun equipped fighter planes, but in Propeller Arena, the rules are completely different, with gamers hopping into retro-fitted prop-planes, flimsy as can be, and taking each other on in a bunch of different contests and competitions.

In the year 2045, the world is a place where people have run out of excitement from the normal sports that captivate the attention of people nowadays. They have turned to the Aviation Battle Championship, where fliers assign themselves to flight teams that compete in a series of nostalgic contests set within futuristic settings with free-for-alls or team-based rules.

It might seem like a simple concept, but Sega is taking it to new heights in Propeller Arena. Gamers can look forward to the following, as well as much more:

Online support of up to six players makes for intensely competitive multi-player arcade action!

Real-time in-game voice chat allows you to command your squadron and ridicule your enemies at will!

More than eight intricate and expansive environments to fly through as you clash, skirmish and battle it out against rival teams! Eight unique characters and teams to choose from, each with their own flying styles, aerial maneuvers and special abilities!

Fast arcade pace and simple controls make gameplay simple, fun and additive!

Power meters, special moves and continuous power struggles make this a flight game for fighting game fans!

Tons of outrageous mini-games teach you to fly and fight like a pro!

Even as the Dreamcast is "phased out" by other publishers, Sega continues to crank out more unique, quirky, different and destined to be fun titles on the machine. Propeller Arena might be one of the last great online games on the Dreamcast, but it's heading up to be one of the best.