(source: IGN)


The first stage of the Championship Mode takes place above a futuristic airport near the ocean. Amid the chaos of combat, observant pilots will witness shuttle launches as well as consumer flight arrivals and departures.

Red Canyon

Set against a gorgeous sunset, this vast desert canyon plays host to intense power struggles and serves as Championship Mode's second stage.

Tower City

Tear through the city streets and beneath low-lying bridges as you avoid enemy fire and towering skyscrapers. This massive stage is an obstacle-ridden urban crash course.

Sky High

Set high above the clouds, "Sky Hi" offers amazing freedom as well as some unexpected hazards. A powerful jet stream just below the cloud layer can quickly tear apart even the most durable flying machine.

Ice World

Get ready for some heated combat in an arctic setting, but don't let the whales in the water distract you--your stray fire can send whole glacier tips sliding into the sea!

Old Castle

Surrounded by beautiful countryside and a gigantic moat, this massive structure consists of narrow gateways, tall archways, and claustrophobic courtyards that challenge even the most acrobatic pilots.


Set against a nighttime sky, this stage features an enormous erupting volcano and fast-flowing rivers of lava. If your opponents don't take you out, the volcano's fireballs probably will.

Phantom Island

Another skirmish in the night... Phantom Island plays host to a severe electrical storm. With cloud-to-cloud lightning and enemies under cover of darkness, you might want to fly low near the water or take cover in the island's cavernous interior.